Health Resources

It’s no surprise that so many patients seek online advice and information about a condition and tips on staying healthy. We know it’s hard to whittle down a list, but we wanted to share a few that we found helpful.

Family Physicians:

American Academy of Family of Family Physicians– This is a fantastic site if you are on the go looking to learn more about family physicians.

Taking Care of Yourself:

American Diabetes Association– Learn more about Diabetes and how you can help prevent and manage the disease.

American Heart Association– Keeping yourself and your family heart healthy is a vital part of preventing heart issues. Check out this helpful website for exercise tips, healthy recipes, and more!

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services– This site is much better than webMD! It is filled with helpful tips on keeping healthy as well as a variety of resources and educational materials about health conditions.

St. Mary’s Wellness Center– Did you know that St. Mary’s has a wellness center? It’s right down the road and they have great facilities as well as a one month free membership.